Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System


CineMate 15 systemThe CineMate 15 system improves the sound from your TV dramatically, and it is not a complicated setup process. Basically, it’s a compact soundbar that is smaller than a ruler. This small system delivers some of the best, rich sounds ever heard. Look at the reviews…there’s simply no comparison.

The soundbar fits right in front of your TV, and since it’s so small, it’s not an eyesore. There’s also an acoustic mass module that connects to the soundbar. You can place the module anywhere in the room, behind the furniture. It connects wirelessly to the CineMate 15 system. The module is where the incredible bass comes from. There’s three different options when it comes to audio.

You can choose from digital optical, coaxial and analog. Having different options allows you to choose the audio based on if you are watching tv, a movie or playing video games. There is only one cable that connects from the soundbar.

If you wanted to place the soundbar behind the TV, you’ll still get great sound from the home cinema system. Bose does not offer a mounting system for the soundbar, so you’ll have to lay it down. The entire system is controlled with a remote, and can be programmed to other devices, like your TV or Blu Ray player. The universal remote is powered by two AA batteries.

Amazon customers have been generous with their reviews. Right now, the Bose CineMate 15 is averaging about 4.5 stars out of 5. Not bad! Most of the customer reviews rave about the quality of the sound system and how easy it was to set up everything.

Of more than 160 reviews, and overwhelming percentage of them say the quality is some of the best they’ve ever heard. The bass is powerful. One customer said while watching a movie at home, he felt like he was sitting in a movie theater.

Others praise the size of the soundbar, and how strong the sound is coming from a speaker that small. There’s very few complaints about the CineMate 15.

One of the biggest complaints is the price. At $500, it’s not a cheap purchase.

Others complained about the quality of the remote, and the lack of an HDMI port. There’s also no bluetooth option, and many customers felt that for the price of the Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System, there should have been more features. Another common complaint was that the module was too large and clunky.

Prices at other retailers average out between $500 and $700 for the system. Amazon has one of the cheaper prices listed online, and that price includes shipping for all customers, not just Amazon Prime customers.

There’s also an option to get the system installed in your home, for an additional $67. There’s also free technical support for 60 days after the system is delivered. This help is passed down over the phone.

If you buy with Amazon, there’s also an option to buy a refurbished option for a little bit cheaper. If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, make sure to check out their Deals of the Day and Black Friday shopping days. You’re more likely to find a great deal here than with any other retailer.

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