Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System


Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater SystemDo you have a family member or friend who has an upcoming event and you wish to give them a gift? Or do you have a system that does not have a bass production that is not well defined? Or perhaps you did not have one and now you are feeling ready to buy one if you fall under any of this, what you are doing now is looking for one that will serve you the longest.

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System is a sound system that is among the most durable ones on the market today. It comes with modern designs and technology to enhance its effectiveness.

In addition, this theatre system is available at a very affordable price that is pocket- friendly. This makes it accessible to anyone who is interested in it. Below are some of its special features that make it unique.


Convergent Source Module

The CSM or the Convergent Source Module offers amazing midrange performance, wide dispersion and low dispersion. The speaker’s tweeter and midrange are located in close proximity to each other and act as a sole source, therefore, reducing any lobing effect and maximizing overall dispersion. The tweeter and mid chambering reduce the resonance of the driver, thereby reducing distortion.

Ribbed elliptical surround technology

This technology eliminates distortion, raises efficiency and increases excursion on subwoofers and woofers. For it to achieve a close to zero distortion, the cone is encompassed by the Elliptical sound, thus, giving it a chance to move in both directions identically.

One great thing that makes this Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System unique is the fact that, it is not affected by dimpling. Rather, the technology gives a chance to a cone surface that is larger, giving rise to a larger efficiency. This is unlike other conventional designs, which are mostly plagued with surround dimpling.

This makes these conventional models to distort at all levels of listening and makes them radiate in and out of phase as well. Greater peak to peak movements also characterize the cone, pushing it a step further from its competitors. This is because the cone moves double the distance.

Flat on axis frequency response with wide bandwidth

A high quality woofer like Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System, has its speakers producing the whole audio range in a manner that is uniform. The manufacturer of this outstanding theater system ensured that not even a single frequency has domination over another. Each and every note is always as it was intended and the sound has been made as natural as it can be in this system.

Other great features in this home theater include;

· The lowdown

· Constant and wide dispersion

· Bragging rights


· Offers a dynamic frequency range

· Expansive soundstage

· Realistic sound

· Comes with modern technology


· At times the speakers give uneven output

Customer opinion

Rated 5

The music and surround sound quality are second to none. More surprising the system is available at a cost that cannot be competed with.

Rated 5

The sound is amazingly incredible. Has great speakers.

Rated 2

Had higher expectations of the speaker power than what they produced.

Deals and discounts


When you get Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System from amazon, you get an offer of purchasing it in installments if you do not have the whole amount of money with equal pay financing.


By making a decision to purchase Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System from amazon, you buy it at a price that is not discounted. However, the shipping cost is catered for as they offer free shipping services to their customers.


This is an electronic product and like many of them in the market, they come with a period of time, by which if it dysfunctions you can take it back to the seller for replacement or correction of the problem.

By purchasing the product from amazon, you get a 5- year limited warranty for the USA residents. Outside the USA, you can consult the dealer for the details.

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