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Home Theater Projectors

Due to the variety of home theater projectors available on the market, it’s difficult to decide what the best one for you is!

Just by brand alone, there are hundreds to choose from not considering the different models.

However, it’s possible to narrow down your search by determining what you need from a projector.

Tips on Purchasing the Best Home Projector

This article will provide you with some information based on price, budget and type.

Sometimes the price tag is the main concern when it comes to choosing the best projector for your home.

Therefore, this article will try to introduce projectors from both sides of the spectrums.

The best high end theater projector is the Mitsubishi HC9000D 3D. Currently, it has been chosen as the best reviewed projector.

Home Theater Projector

It’s an excellent 2D projector with 3D compatibility as an extra feature.

As with all 3D projectors, the brightness is excellent and image quality is very sharp.

Besides that, the black level performance is also really good making it suitable to be placed whether in a bright lit or dark room.

With that said, this beauty will cost you about $10000.

Meanwhile on the other end of the price spectrum, the Optoma HD66 is voted as the best valued projector for money.

It’ll cost you about $700.

Although it’s not the cheapest you can find but it’s one of the best projectors for what you’re paying for.

Even at 720p, the Optoma HD66 offers you a clear and bright picture, the black level is dark enough and it’s also 3D compatible.

It may still need a little improvement in the 3D area but for what you’re paying, it’s the best deal you can get.

Home Theater Projector

Finally, there are many types of projectors for your house and currently, the 1080p is the craze for many enthusiasts.

Probably, one of the best 1080p home theater projectors is Viewsonic Pro8200.

Generally, the difference between a 720p and 1080p is the resolution. If you’re watching on a small screen, it may not make a big difference.

However, when you project the image onto a 42″ screen, you’ll definitely notice it.

Costing about $1500 and features that allow you to have the freedom in placing it anywhere in the room, it’s one of most affordable projector for 1080p.

The information provided in this article is just a scratch on the surface.

Make sure you do proper research before deciding on the investing the best projector for your home.

Home Theater Projectors

One of the main reasons people buy a home theater projector is for the cost per image area.

While buying a projector has the benefit of giving a huge viewing area, there are some limitations that affect the image quality.

Some things to compare are resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, weight, and optional features when shopping for a home theater projector.

Types of Home Theater Projectors

The most popular  home theater projectors like Epson, Optoma, Sharp, Sony, Sanyo, Infocus, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Home Theater Projectors

Theater Projectors are surely the best value compared to cost per screen size of plasma and lcd tvs.

More Tips – For Buying a Projector That Suits Your Needs

A home theater projector maybe exactly what you are looking for if you value great quality and high digital clarity when viewing your favorite movies and programs.

Once you watch movies with a HD home theater projector, you will never go back. Here are a few things to be aware of in order to buy one that is right for you.


When shopping for a home theater projector, one of the most significant factors to always keep in mind is resolution size.

You should think about the purposes the projector will serve for you.

Also the kind of media that will be most frequently viewed.

As well as any HD channels or movies that you want to watch now and in the future.

So what should you know about resolution size and quality? When resolution is higher, so is the pixel count, which basically translates into higher picture quality.


Another critical component to consider when evaluating home theater projectors is contrast ratio.

The more expensive and higher quality projectors provide a greater contrast ratio, meaning more contrast between colors.

This is especially the case with black and white. The greater the contrast ratio, the more you can expect to pay for the projector.


Some emphasis should also be placed on light output, or lumens as referred to in the world of electronics, when deciding on a projector.

This essentially refers to how bright the picture will be.

When a projector has many lumens, the picture will be brighter, translating into more brilliant colors in the picture display.

As you can imagine, the more lumens a projector has, the greater the price tag.

The amount of lumens you want is somewhere in the range of 1000 and 4000 for a quality projector.

As critical as getting the right projector is to get the maximum out of your viewing experience, the projector screen should not be overlooked.

The screen is what the projector will display the movie or media onto.

The purpose of these screens is to further enhance the quality and brilliance of the picture.

If you currently only have the budget to a get a quality projector but not a screen, there is an alternative.

If you take a section of a wall in your home, smooth it out, and cover it with a flat white paint, you can still get good results.