Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless Review

Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless
Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless

The Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless is mentioned quite often in the world of projectors. As any modern customer will tell you, projectors have become part -and-parcel of today’s world and are used in many sectors.

People desire to own a device that is highly-advanced and user-friendly. While some look for portability and durability, others are after high-resolution and techy features.

Top products also allow the user to use the projector with multiple devices. These include laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, smartphones and other streaming devices. So, how does the Epson EX9200 Pro score in regard to features and benefits and customer reviews?

Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector Pro Wireless Review

Top Features:

-3 LCD Technology:

Image clarity and color quality is key to choosing a projector. Users want to experience life-like pictures and high-resolution when viewing images. The EX9200 Pro WUXGA by Epson comes with revolutionary 3LCD that relies on 3-chip technology. The projector streams images from any device in full HD resolution.

-3X Color and Brightness:

Featuring 3X color higher color brightness and 3X wider color gamut. The Epson wireless projector streams images in resolution as high as 1080p. Delivering 3200 lumens of white brightness and 3200 lumens of color brightness, this particular model is atop pick for many professionals.

-Widescreen WUXGA Resolution:

A feature that distinguishes this projector from its competitors is the 1920 x 1200 widescreen resolution. Combined with MHL support, HDMI support and easy wireless setup, connecting and streaming quality images is easy and straightforward.

Review on the Projector

Since its launch into the market, many reviews and opinions about the projector have been forwarded. A closer scrutiny brings forth the following aspects:

The Good

-Compact and Portable:

The Epson projector is among the smallest and lightest types in its category, and this makes it easy to handle and carry around.

-High-quality Images:

Courtesy of the 3X color brightness, 3X wider color gamut, and 3200 lumens of both white and color brightness, the Epson EX9200 Pro WUXGA 3LCD Projector pro wireless streams high quality images.


Operating and connecting the device to other devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or any other is simple and easy thanks to the highly-effective technology and design.

-Easy Image Alignment:

Aligning images is straightforward and effortless and requires the touch of a button.

The Bad

-Not Cheapest:

The projector is slightly more expensive than other types which come with similar specifications.

-Does not come with 3D support.

-Does not feature an audio-out port.

What are Customers Saying on Amazon

Amazon remains a major source of the Epson wireless projector. Many appreciate the easy availability of the projector that comes with a range of techy features.

Shoppers at Amazon are also talking about the high quality resolution, crystal clear sound, and reliable streaming.

Buyers praise the projector for its solid-build, portability, and pocket-friendliness.

Deals and Discounts -Why Buy From Amazon

Though there are many sources selling the Epson projectorAmazon remains the most reputable and trustworthy source. In addition to easily finding the product, you also find many crazy discount and deals.

Talk about special prices and discounts, free shipping to specified locations, and also option of buying either new or used. You also get a chance to go through user reviews and understand what to expect from the projector.

Anyone looking for a reliable, durable, and feature-filled projector will find the Epson EX9200 Pro WUGXA 3LCD Projector pro ideal.