Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector
Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

It is products like the Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector that are making the ongoing revolution in home entertainment a possibility. This projector has won the admiration of many buyers, and justifiably so.

Among many other things, this projector has several great features and offers several benefits that should make it a great choice for shoppers looking for a great home theater projector.

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review

Here’s a closer look at what the Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector has to offer.


At 8 feet, the projector can produce a 66-inch picture, while at 12 feet, the screen size can increase to 107 inches. The ample screen sizes should make for a truly immersive home theater experience. In fact, if you like, you can reliably use this projector with screens of up to 300 inches (diagonal).

The HD141X projector comes with 1080p video support.

This, in addition to 3000 lumens and a 23,000:1 contrast ratio, makes the picture quality on this projector fantastic. As you can see from its name, the projector also uses DLP technology. This technology improves color quality, brightness, contrast and response time for a smoother video viewing experience.

The compatibility features on this projector are also worth a special mention.

The projector has 2 HDMI ports, a VESA 3D Sync port, MHL compatibility, and 3D compatibility so that you can hook it to smartphones, an Xbox, PS4 and other gaming consoles, computers, digital cameras, set top boxes and other electronics directly.

The projector will keep your energy efficiency up to par because it will consume just 0.5 watts of power in standby mode and shut down automatically after periods of idleness. Furthermore, the materials are RoHS compliant, which means your carbon footprint will be reduced with this projector in your home.


The Good

A very attractive price, especially if you are able to get it at the deep discount being offered on Amazon.

The picture quality is quite amazing on this projector, which means you will enjoy every moment of its use.

The projector has numerous handy features that will greatly improve the quality of your home entertainment.

The Bad

The projector is still no match for the LCD and LED screens despite its high quality picture. But then again, what projector is?

Customer Opinions

The Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector has received more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Clearly, it’s quite a hit. About 780 of these buyers have given the project a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. In general, adjectives like “amazing”, “great”, “awesome”, “great value”, “performance” and many others came up when they were describing this particular projector.

The customers who have given this projector a less than perfect score on Amazon usually had complaints about hardware faults. Fortunately, the process of getting a replacement is quite easy. Furthermore, there are just a couple of faulty projectors for hundreds of good ones delivered, which means this is not something that should stop you from ordering one.

Deals and Discounts

With great picture quality, unbeatable price, several features, and the promise of a long life of service, there is little the Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector has not addressed. Hands down, this projector is the best you can do at this price point. More importantly, you will have no reason to wish you had spent more on a home theater projector.

If not for the anything else, you should buy Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector from Amazon for the amazing discount deal being offered.

At the moment, Amazon is offering a jaw-dropping 55% discount on this product, which means you will be getting your hands on a high quality home theater projector worth $1,200 for just $541.

Amazon will not charge you any shipping costs either!